The new visual media create the space in which creativity and communication operate as the inseparable phenomena. On the other hand, mass media are often blamed for levelling up and blocking the creative aspirations of the society. As a result, new social constellations that are neither creative nor sustainable are emerging. These emerging phenomena require innovative measures and technologies capable of proportioning creative aspirations of new constellations to the challenges of new audio/visual media.

Contemporary audio/visual technologies play an increasingly important role in the development of one of the most significant sectors of creative society, namely, creative and entertainment industries. The challenges the above mentioned technologies pose cause various problems as well as implications for their solutions in different environments and levels of creative and entertainment industries.

Visuality also plays an important role in socio-psychological area. Different objects stimulate different perceptions as well as different emotional and behavioural reactions to them. Extensive studies in cognitive and experimental psychology investigate the relationships between visual elements and health, safety, performance, emotional reactions, learning, adaptation, consumption, advertising, marketing and communication.

Within these theoretical frames and beyond, the conference will address the following questions in the varied contexts of visuality: What kind of communication is dominant in the visual environment? What is the relationship between meta-communication and visuality? What is the relationship between an image and experience, emotion, pleasure it evokes and how are these connected? What is the commodification of the image in the entertainment industries? What is the impact of the new visual media technologies and their application in the entertainment industries? What is the influence of technologies including multimedia, information visualization, artificial intelligence, animation and visual effects, computer games, computer aided design, etc. on social life? How can visual media be employed for political communication? What is visual expressiveness and effectiveness in politics? What impact do the media have on political processes?